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Did you know that adult bed bugs can survive for almost six months without feeding on any blood? Did you know that bedbugs can nest anywhere from two to twenty feet away from your bed? Bedbugs are a huge problem in Houston as well as areas throughout the world.

Bed bugs have been understood as a real pest and problem for human habitation for thousands of years. Small and wingless with a sneaky flat body, bed bugs can sneak through cracks, into headboards, deep down through your mattress, and even into your box springs.

If you or someone in your home is dealing with a potential bed bug control problem, you will need to hire the best bed bug exterminator around. For you to address this issue, you must know how a bed bug exterminator can help.

Let's break down the beneficial bed bug control services offered by our team at Royal Pest Control and Custom Services.

Hiring the BEST Bed Bug Exterminator

The most common bed bug in the United States is known by the name, Cimex Lectularius. Once nearly eradicated from North America in the early 1940s, this bitter bed bug has returned with a vengeance to Canada and the United States over the past decade. Despite the widespread prevalence of bed bugs in American cities, these pests are routinely hard to identify, locate, and control due to their small bodies and pervasive nature. Adult bed bugs can go without feeding for nearly six months so that just underscores how important it is to hire a bed bug exterminator. Let's take a look at two of the most common methods of bed bug control utilized by every bed bug exterminator at Royal Pest Control and Custom Services.

1) Bed Bug Heat Treatment - If you are looking for a non-chemical solution to your bed bug problem, a bed bug heat treatment is likely the service that you need. Heat treatments provide a chemical-free solution that can be utilized in just a single treatment. Heat treatments don't require an evacuation of your home nor do they struggle to reach those hard-to-get areas that bed bugs love to hide in.

Key Advantages: Heat Treatment services are an ideal solution to bed bug pest control problems. Heat treatments kill bedbugs during every stage of life from egg to adult. Chemical alternatives, however, require multiple treatments whereas heat treatment is a one-time-deal. Heat treatment services are discreet, effective, and free from any residual effects.

Key Disadvantages: Heat treatments must be used in conjunction with other preventative measures. Homeowners will also need to prepare their homes for heat treatment by removing heat-sensitive items.

2) Bed Bug Chemical Treatment - Chemical treatments for bed bug control are ideal when you need an effective solution, immediately. A bed bug chemical treatment is particularly effective when it is deployed during the early stages of an infestation. Chemicals in the bed bug chemical treatment also act faster and prevent future infestations while protecting your wallet and bottom line.

Key Advantages: Cheap, fast, and effective. Bed bug chemical treatments are the quickest and most powerful way to tend to your bed bug problems.

Key Disadvantages: Bed bug chemical treatments do not harm the bed bug egg. Chemicals must be used more than once to hatch the second cycle of bed bugs that hatch post-treatment.

Making the Right Pest Control Decision

After you've taken some time to assess the needs of your home as well as the people within it, you will be ready to call upon our team of bed bug exterminators at Royal Pest Control and Custom Services. Royal Pest Control and Custom Services is based out of Houston, TX, though we service residents in Harris County as well as the surrounding areas.

Royal Pest Control and Custom Services was established to provide custom pest control solutions to the individuals that need them. We are excited to offer free over-the-phone consultations when discussing your pest control needs. Whether you are dealing with bed bugs, ants, termites, or rodents, we are happy to get our team in the field to make your pest control problem a thing of the past.

Here at Royal Pest Control and Custom Services, we utilize materials that are both odor-free and completely safe for children and pets. Our technicians are trained and knowledgeable about their field and are willing to answer any questions to ensure that you get the service that you need.

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