Commercial Pest Control

Where Should YOU Turn to When You Need Commercial Pest Control?

The reality of life as a property owner in Texas is that you will one day need commercial pest control services. A simple fact of life in the region is that we do have pests and those pests do end up in our homes and places of business. From rodents and roaches to mosquito control, bee removal, and wasp removal, there are always services that you might turn to in times of need.

Today, our team at Royal Pest Control & Custom Services wants to take some time to discuss the importance of commercial pest control as well as the safety and importance required when dealing with bee removal.

Importance of Professional Bee Removal

As the top pest exterminator Houston has to offer, our team at Royal Pest Control & Custom Services endeavors to provide our clients with access not just to great commercial pest control, but also to the education they need to make informed decisions on their own in the future. Bee removal services are not just like mosquito control or wasp removal services. Instead, we like to focus on safely and effectively removing these insects from your home.

The first thing that you need to know is that Houston is particularly beholden to two forms of bees: bumblebees and honeybees. These are two of the most common bee species in North America and they are extremely social creatures. As a result, one sting could lead to many other stings, and for a person with allergies, this could be a fatal situation.

Rarely do individuals need to handle just one or two bees at a time. As a result, colonies are most often spotted when the best exterminator Houston has available is called into action. This means that you could be dealing with thousands of bees inside of your home, around your yard, or on the exterior of your house. To properly help you evaluate this situation and find a solution, we offer some effective services.

1) Inspection and Evaluation - First and foremost, to properly assess your bee removal and extermination needs, we must understand what they are. Bee removal services must start by taking the form of inspection. An inspection will be made into your home and the surrounding areas to decide if there is a large or small issue. Ultimately, it doesn't matter the size of the colony or its location because we are here to help you remove it no matter what.

2) Extermination / Removal - After the colony has been located and identified, we can move forward with generating a proper course of action. By removing the bee infestation that is plaguing your company, we can ensure that the insects are safely removed and placed in a location that behooves their long term health. As bees are enormously important to the overall health of our environment, we do our best to make sure that they are safely removed.

3) Safe For the Family - We touched on the safety aspect of a bee inspection already, but it deserves to be touched upon once again. Bee allergies impact nearly 7.5% of the population to such a degree that a severe allergenic reaction is possible. Allergic reactions to a bee sting can lead to shock and ultimately death. When you turn to a commercial pest control team, you can rest easy knowing that you are safely removed from harm's way while professionals take care of the job.

4) Convenient Scheduling - When you have a bee infestation, the last thing that you can do is sit on your hands and wait. No matter how small or large your bee infestation is, our team is ready to give you an appraisal or appointment on the same day that you give us a call. We work hard and fast to provide you with effective, friendly, and convenient services. Most of the time, we can handle situations on the same day that they crop up so you don't have to wait at all.

Make a Difference With Royal Pest Control & Custom Services

When you call our team at Royal Pest Control & Custom Services, you are putting yourself and your company into a position to succeed. We offer fast and friendly services to individuals in Harris County and the surrounding area.

No infestation is too small and no business too large for our team at Royal Pest Control & Custom Services. Call today to enjoy your free consultation and to book your same-day appointment. We look forward to serving you with affordable pest control services!