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Houston Pest Control Problems Have You Down? Call Royal Pest Control and Custom Services!

There is nothing quite so rattling as a sudden pest problem within your home. As the city of Houston is beholden to many pest issues, including rats and roaches, it is important to have reliable residential pest control that you can trust. Today, we want to introduce you to the beneficial services and advantages available when you call our team at Royal Pest Control and Custom Services!

Reliable Houston Pest Control You Can Trust

The city of Houston as well as the surrounding area can struggle concerning rats, rodents, and roaches. Pets can carry diseases that harm humans as well as domesticated pets, leading to health issues for everyone involved. Not only is residential pest control important for maintaining the health of your family, but it is also important to the overall health of your home.

When pests run unchecked in a family home, they can spread diseases, dangerous bacteria, and potential physical harm to the inhabitants of a home. Rats, as an example, can chew through thermal or electrical insulation, leading to house fires and even electrical outages along the way. Termites can erode the structural support of wooden fixtures in your home and a roach infestation can lead to problematic asthma symptoms.

Understanding that you have a pest control problem and surrendering to it are two different things. At Royal Pest Control and Custom Services, we know that your pest control problem can be fixed with the right team on the job. For that reason, we are happy to provide a host of services to help you deal with your pests. Here are just a few of the services that we are currently and proudly offering, though you may call ahead for anything that doesn't make the list!

- Roaches
- Rodents
- Bed Bugs & Fleas
- Termites
- Ant Control
- Bee Control

No pest control problem is too large or too small for our team at Royal Pest Control and Custom Services!

Affordable Pest Control That You Can Count On!

Royal Pest Control and Custom Services is based out of Houston, TX. We specialize in pest control services for just about every bug and rodent under the sun. We operate in a detail-oriented manner to provide our clients with the absolute best in beneficial pest control services. We work with materials that are odor-free and safe for homes with both pets and children.

To schedule your appointment with Royal Pest Control and Custom Services, call on our team today for a free consultation. We are proud to offer same-day appointments as well as prompt and professional service whenever you call our name. Our technicians are highly skilled and knowledgeable concerning the problems that your home is currently facing.

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