Indoor Pest Control

Indoor Pest Control: Call Royal Pest Control For Help With Your Rodent Infestation.

If you've ever seen a rat run across the floor of your kitchen, you aren't likely to forget it. An indoor rodent infestation can lead to some serious drama within the home. Not only will the sight of a rat leave you rattled, but it might also leave you sick. Indoor pest control is extremely important no matter where you live, but it is particularly important here in Houston. In 2019, the city of Houston ranked near the top of the annual rankings in rat infestations. What can you do to make sure your home doesn't fall victim to these furry pests?

Importance of Indoor Pest Control

If you believe that you might have a rat infestation, even though your home is otherwise clean, you need to address the issue sooner rather than later. Rat control is important in keeping your home clean and your family healthy. Here are several ways that a rodent infestation can lead to damage within your home.

1) Chewing Damage - Rats have long sharp teeth that are great for chewing insulation, roof eaves, or even holes in the walls of your home. Rats will chew through almost anything and that can lead to series danger. What happens when a rat chews through an electrical wire that causes a fire?

2) Disease Spreading - Rats are one of the most common disease-carrying creatures on the planet. Rats are commonly hosting bacteria and diseases that are harmful to humans and animals alike. When we include the fact that a rat may defecate more than 60 times in a single day, it is easy to see why this is an issue.

3) Ruin Your Garden - If you push your pests out of the home, the odds are good they'll turn to your yard instead. To prevent your rat control problem from heading to the garden, you'll want to turn to our team at Royal Pest Control and Custom Services.

Put Your Pest Control Problems in the Past

Here at Royal Pest Control and Custom Service, we endeavor to provide our clients with quality indoor pest control services as well as the education they need to utilize them. We are proud to serve Houston and the surrounding area with the best indoor pest control services that you will find in Harris County or the surrounding areas.

When it comes time to handle your rat control needs, we are only a single phone call away. We are proud to offer free consultations over the phone so that you can find the solutions you need when you need them.

Royal Pest Control and Custom Services is proud to offer same-day appointments. We use materials that are odorless and safe for both children and pets.